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Bad Bananas Issue 1 - now on sale for a limited time!

4.50 AUD

FOR A LIMITED TIME! Bad Bananas now £4.50, was £9.00

This poster pack takes the blog offline and into your hands. Bad Bananas often explores the ‘mutual relationship between images’; the poster packs leave you to explore these connections yourself. You are the new curator. Arrange, display, throw away - use these images in any way you want.

Issue 1 is a curated poster pack featuring the work of photographers Estelle Hanania, Andy Massaccesi, Bridget Collins.

Printed full colour on 120gsm recycled pulp board

Edition of 100, all packs come with unique illustrated postcard

59 x 42 cm  / 42 x 29 cm

Edit and design by Bad Bananas, published by Bad Bananas, 2014.

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